What is the Blue Chair Bay Bus Tour?

Blue Chair Bay is hitting the road this spring and summer! We're taking our tour bus to HUNDREDS of liquor stores, restaurants, and bars across the United States. We'll host rum samplings, photo ops, and Blue Chair Bay Spiced bottle engravings at select locations. Some locations will also have giveaways including a signed Kenny Chesney guitar and tickets to Kenny Chesney's Here and Now Tour!

Will more dates and locations be announced?

Yes! Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more dates and locations to the bus tour

What activities are available at each bus tour location?

Activities vary by location. For full information on a particular Bus Tour stop, please see our complete list of Bus Tour dates.

Will I be able to sample Blue Chair Bay Rum products?

Sampling will be available at certain locations. Check the Bus Tour list to see what is available at each location.

Will you be at all Here and Now Tour Dates?

Check our Bus Tour schedule. We will be at most of the tour dates, but not all of them.

What bottles can be engraved?

The Blue Chair Bay Rum Spiced bottle will be engraved at event locations hosting the engraver.

Do I get to tour the bus?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the bus will not be available to tour.

Will I be able to buy bottles at restaurants and bars?

Unfortunately, restaurants and bars cannot sell liquor bottles. Bottles will be available to purchase at liquor store events.

Where can I find a list of winners for the sweepstakes at each location?

You can find daily winners for the sweepstakes at each location by visiting: https://bustour.bluechairbayrum.com/winners